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Cause Correction versus Symptom Treatment

Cause Correction versus Symptom Treatment

Imagine you have a vehicle with the check engine light on. Your car is communicating to you through the dashboard that there is a problem somewhere in the vehicle, and you are clearly getting the message. What should you do? The best decision, of course, is to find out what is causing the check engine light to come on. 

You then take the car to your trained mechanic. You show the professional the light is on. Your trusted mechanic says, "Oh, I see. Well, I can take care of that". The mechanic then reaches into their pocket, pulls out a black can of spray paint, shakes it really well and proceeds to spray black paint over the dashboard where you could see the check engine light. Your mechanic then asks, "Do you see the light now?" You say, "No I do not. Thank you very much!" and proceed to drive off the lot. Would you be happy with that care for your car? Even for something that can be replaced if it breaks down, unlike you?

Taking medications (drugs) whether prescribed or over the counter is the same concept as spraying the dashboard with paint. Aspirin (or something stronger) for a headache does nothing but cover up the problem and allows for little to no actual healing. In fact, the entire purpose of drugs is to stimulate or inhibit a body function, but never actually fix the problem. No one has ever actually had true health return (remember optimum physical, mental and social well-being?) through a drug or surgery.

That's not to say that drugs and surgery are unnecessary. Quite to the contrary, drugs and surgery are absolutely critical in an emergency or trauma situation. But for long-term health restoration, they are not the answer. Not to mention the devastating side effects that can be caused by these interventions.

With Upper Cervical Chiropractic, our concept is different. If we can correct the cause of the nerve interference and keep it corrected, the symptoms have the potential to subside and even dissolve over time. Cause correction is a more permanent solution to health restoration and is clearly a more common sense approach to health.

True Health: Expressing 100% of Your Potential  Upper Cervical Chiropractic allows you to achieve a greater expression of true health. What is true health? We ask this question at our orientation classes and many times the answer is "Not hurting" or "Just being able to function without pain". This is a definition of health that is very narrow and frankly, not representative of health at all.

According to Dorland's Medical Dictionary, health is optimum physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmities. We have been sold on the fact that health is just feeling good or not having pain, but you can see it is so much more!

True health is expressing 100% optimum physical, mental and social well-being. That means you get to be the best you can be, at all times, in every part of your life. Is this your current definition of health? And if you are not achieving this kind of health, how can Upper Cervical care help?

You must understand that the first step to this type of health is by clearing the nervous system of any interference (subluxation). This allows your Innate Intelligence to repair, rebuild, and heal you more quickly, allowing for a more complete expression of true health! Health is a process. It takes time to grow into dis-ease (lack of health) and it also takes time to re-grow back to health. We always recommend you give your body time to repair, as well as proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, and good thoughts. The first step to achieving true health is to get the subluxation corrected, allowing for proper nerve function.

Our role as Upper Cervical chiropractors is to work with this Great Physician. We unlock the power that is already within you, the breath of life breathed into you by God. Your body can then restore itself to the highest degree of health possible. This is our gift to you and your family. We do not do the healing, we connect with the Power that can.

The Great Physician

God didn't create us and then leave us with nothing to run this magnificent creation. Your Innate Intelligence knows everything about you, knows how to run and heal you, and is absolutely in charge of your body's functions. Innate knows exactly what your blood pressure should be, how much insulin to pump into the blood stream, what infections need to be fought, and if there is any cancer growing in your body! Talk about a Great Physician, it has all the answers you need.We spend our lives striving to be our best to help others.  Sometimes along the way, we acquire health challenges. During these times we search, sometimes the world over for the doctor that can help us.Little do we know, the true Doctor is the Doctor within us - The Great Physician. You've been carrying this Doctor around with you since the moment you were created. That one tiny cell that you started from carried all the Innate Intelligence you needed for your whole life. This Innate Intelligence is a gift to us from God. What a gift it was!

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