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What to Expect When You Visit

Upper cervical care is personalized and you will see, on your first visit, that our process is tailored specifically to fit your individual needs. The consultation, exam and x-rays will provide the doctor with enough information to determine if you have an upper cervical (neck) problem that could be affecting your health.



When you schedule an appointment with the
upper cervical doctor nearest to you:


  1. You will have a consultation with a doctor to discuss your health history.
  2. You will have an upper cervical evaluation to assess the condition of your spinal structures and nervous system.
  3. You will be scanned to determine whether you actually have a problem in the upper part of your neck.
  4. If the doctor does find a problem, three-dimensional X-rays are taken and precise measurements are made to determine exact misalignment of your upper bone(s).
  5. If your case is accepted, the doctor will review the results of your tests and X-rays on your second visit, and you will receive your first upper cervical correction.
  6. On your third visit, the doctor will discuss a care plan designed just for your condition.

Holding is healing. That's what upper cervical is about. The longer the two bones stay in alignment, the fewer office visits are needed.

Once we meet with you and discuss your health history, your doctor will then discuss your visit expectations and how we can best match those with our services.

Dr. Bart Patzer:  We will take X-rays that are different from what you will find in a medical office and even in a chiropractic office, and we will get measurements on this down to fourth of a degree, trying to determine exactly the alignment and malposition of these two top bones in the neck.

Dr. Tom Forest:  Rather than pushing the hip back into alignment only to have it pull back in the old position because of the tightened muscles, we found that by making an upper correction in the atlas area, the upper cervical direction, we can allow the muscles to reposition and restructure the spine.  This is why we don’t make corrections all the way down the spine.  We can get the upper neck adjustment to do that for us.

Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt: Visualize stacking up dominos and putting a bowling ball on top. Biomechanically, that’s the structure we are working with, and the critical area is right there at the base of the skull.  If you look at the way that it’s designed and put together, that’s the critical area that will discern where the weight of the head is being carried.  And if you center that, the rest of the spine can balance with it.

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Dr. Ray, I am a former hockey player, and have sustained multiple hits on my head

Bodi Damascus, VA

Dr.'s Response:

You certainly sound like a good Upper Cervical case....Read More

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