A Second-Generation Upper Cervical Doctor

A Second-Generation Upper Cervical Doctor

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Dr. Ray Drury

Dr. Ray Drury is a second-generation Upper Cervical doctor and feels privileged to have an opportunity to serve his fellow North Carolinians.  As a native of Kentucky, he chose the Charlotte area as the perfect location to open a family practice and is proud to call Mecklenburg County home for him, his wife, Sonja and two beautiful daughters.   Dr. Drury is the Co-Founder and CEO of Upper Cervical Health Centers, Inc., an international franchise with over 70 offices worldwide and continues to serve the Charlotte community as he has for the last 18 years.


Dr. Ray Bio

In less than a year, Dr. Drury opened his second office. He has opened and successfully operated three more Upper Cervical practices in his 14 years in business. Dr. Drury has spent years developing reproducible, turnkey systems to build his Upper Cervical practices to some of the busiest, most profitable in the world. He has been teaching Upper Cervical doctors how to use these same systems to build high volume, low stress practices since 1998. 

Dr. Drury now trains doctors and staff on the same systems he developed for his own offices. He teaches seminars on Upper Cervical practice building at a variety of different schools, is a sought after speaker at conferences and seminars, and helps organize UCHC seminars and Boot Camps. He also planned Upper Cervical Evolution 2007 in Las vegas, an event that has forever changed the relationships between all Upper Cervical Techniques. 

He is always learning and testing new procedures and marketing ideas trying to stay up to date and improve upon the systems he started developing years ago. He works with the UCHC team to develop new ways to improve upon current systems, build public awareness, and create new products and marketing tools to promote Upper Cervical care.

Dr. Drury co-founded Upper Cervical Health Centers because of two things. One, he has seen to many excellent Upper Cervical doctors fail in practice. He knew that if he had the opportunity to teach some of these doctors the same systems that he had taught his own doctors in his offices, those doctors could turn their practices around. If this could happen, then more lives could be changed or saved through Upper Cervical care. 

The second reason Dr. Drury co-founded UCHC was because he had a dream that Upper Cervical care would one day be the primary form of healthcare in the world. He knew that helping individual offices become successful would not be enough to make a global change. The only way to do that was to unify and create an identity for Upper Cervical care that could be recognized everywhere. This is the real vision that created Upper Cervical Health Centers. This is what makes Dr. Drury so excited about the future of Upper Cervical care and the future of Upper Cervical Health Centers.

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